FSE Outreach Round #2: Building a Custom Homepage With Gutenberg’s Site Editor

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Anne McCarthy announced the second round of testing for the Full Site Editing (FSE) Outreach program. The call for testing asks that users build a homepage from the Gutenberg plugin’s site editor. Feedback is open until March 5.

The first round of testing began in December 2020 and ended last month. Testers were able to identify several pain points with template-editing mode from the block editor. The program created actionable items that Gutenberg developers could work to improve.

This second round is similar. However, testing covers a much larger and more complex area. Users will be leaving the familiar block editor and moving to the site editor, which is still months away from being a viable product.

McCarthy listed a 22-step process for building out a homepage. While I followed it, for the most part, I got bored before finishing. This is one of the reasons I make for a poor test subject. I like to explore and see what is possible on my own. If I have an idea, I want to attempt its execution. I primarily stuck to the overall script, even if it was a bit out of order.

Eventually, I created a custom homepage for a restaurant called The Grilled Cheese — I would definitely open this restaurant in the real world if I ever leave the WordPress community.

Custom-designed homepage via Gutenberg's site editor for a fictitious restaurant.Custom restaurant homepage with sidebar.

It is reasonably simple. All told, it took me around two hours of playing around with various concepts before arriving at this stage. To build something I would be happy with would have taken a few more hours.

Overall, I felt limited in laying out my ideal homepage.

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