New Core Web Vitals Technology Report Shows Overall Pass Rate for WordPress Sites Decreases with Newer Versions

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Some new data from a recent Core Web Vitals (CWV) technology report produced by the HTTP Archive shows WordPress sites running newer versions have lower CWV pass rates.

The original report was published in July by Rick Viscomi, one of the maintainers of the HTTP Archive. The site provides a permanent repository of web performance information, giving researchers a common set of data for researching and understanding trends. Contributors’ efforts are sponsored by Google, Mozilla, New Relic, Etsy, and other companies.

One of the most notable findings in Viscomi’s report showed that just 22% of WordPress-powered origins pass the Core Web Vitals “Good” threshold.

WordPress core committer Adam Silverstein wanted to dig a little deeper into this data set to see if he could extract more information about WordPress sites’ CWV performance that wasn’t represented in the initial published graphs. He proposed an analysis that would compare Core Web Vital performance across WordPress versions:

How have CWV scores changed over WordPress versions? Are there measurable improvements in the wild after recent changes like adding native image (version 5.5) and iframe (version 5.7) lazy loading and WebP image support (version 5.8)?

Silverstein worked with Viscomi to create a query that would extract performance data grouped by WordPress version. He found that core additions like native image and iframe lazy loading, and WebP image support have had no measurable improvement on CWV scores in the wild.

WordPress Versions Core Web Vitals report

“Lazy loading may be too aggressive as it is applied to all images,” Silverstein said, noting that lazy loading can be detrimental if over used. This should be remedied

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