Elementor Plugin Review: How Does it Compare to Other Page Builders?

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Among WordPress page builders, Elementor was the newest kid on the block. This should not fool you however. With over 1 million installs since its release in mid-2016 and an impressive 5 star rating on WordPress.org, it is safe to say that this page builder is literally taking the industry by storm.

They say that numbers do not lie and as per current numbers, this sure is an impressive product. So what makes the Elementor plugin tick? Why does it stand out in a highly competitive market? Below is a detailed Elementor plugin review that answers the above questions and so much more.

In this review, we discuss how the Elementor plugin works, its key benefits, and some of the areas we think have room for improvement. We will also go over the features that set it apart from other page builders. In short, we want to make you understand what the rave is all about and explain why everyone who has used Elementor cannot stop talking about it.

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What is Elementor?

Elementor is a drag-and-drop visual page builder for WordPress. Drag and drop here means that can drag and move design elements such as images, buttons and so on. The visual bit means that you can see exactly what your visitors will see as you design.

Elementor comes with a handy interface that allows you to create pages and posts. Once you enable Elementor on your WordPress editing screen, the page builder entirely takes over the process of page editing.

Elementor just like any other page builder allows you to create attractive page layouts and designs from scratch. Regardless of your WordPress theme, you can create impressive page and content layout and the good thing is that you do not need to be a designer or

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