1000+ Best Lightroom Presets: Ultimate Collection!

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If you are a photographer then you will know all about post-processing, that is the job of processing your photos from RAW or JPG format in your software of choice. Choosing the right piece of software for the job is as important as picking the right lens and settings when shooting the photos. This brings us to Adobe Lightroom, probably the most popular option for photographers who wish to convert their photos from the RAW format to JPG format for usage online or in print.

While at it’s heart, Lightroom is essentially a RAW converter it also offers so many other processing features it can become overwhelming. You can use it tweak just about every aspect of the photo from basic settings such as exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows to effects like grain and vignetting. You can totally alter the feel of a shot by manipulating the vast array of settings available to you. Once you get a look that you are happy with, you can save your chosen settings as a “preset” and then use those same settings on other photos in future.

You are also able to import other people’s presets into Lightroom and apply them to your photos with the click of a mouse. Which brings us to the subject of this collection – we have put together a comprehensive list of over 50 preset bundles that you can download and use on your photos to achieve many different looks and styles.

There is something for all types of photographer in this post, types of photography covered are Landscapes, Portraits, Vintage & Lomo Effects, Newborns, Weddings, Pastel and Matte effects and much more. Take a look below and choose a set of presets to take your photos to the next level.

Ultimate Bundle

This is the

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