250 Free Lightroom Presets: Ultimate Categorized Collection for Photographers

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If you are a photographer then it’s likely you will know all about Adobe’s Lightroom software – its the standard piece of photo editing software that most photographer’s will use on a daily basis. You can use Lightroom to develop your images from raw format and then edit them to get them looking just right, it also acts as a cataloging tool so you can keep track of all the photos you take and split them up into different collections, tag them, sort them and so on.

One of the best features of Lightroom is it’s powerful editing suite, you are able to apply a whole range of different effects, tonal changes, exposure corrections and so on to your images which is so powerful you can often end up with your photos looking completely different. You can add grain, change the colors, convert to monochrome, apply the popular matte look and so on – all by tweaking the different sliders and other tools. The problem comes when you would like to get the same effect across a whole photo-shoot or save the look you created for future photos. That’s where the magic of presets comes in! You are able to save any edits you have made to a photo as a preset ( also known as a lightroom plugin ), this is file which records all the settings you used, you can then apply that preset to any other photos with one click of the mouse.

You don’t have to just use your own presets though, these small but powerful files can be added from any source and there are thousands available online to download and use on your photography, which have been created by other people. There are presets for just about any type of effect you could

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